Prophetic Leadership

Prophetic Leadership

Prophetic leadership involves vision and anticipating the future. Without vision we will not advance into the future. But without a feel for the future, anticipating what our future will be, we can develop exaggerated visions that are not birthed from the heart of God.

The tragedy of many present-day church strategies is that they are based on a natural form of logic by leaders who have no prophetic insight. We have too long looked to models of other churches and not to the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, for our vision of the future. What works in one place works in one place! If the church in Sardis likes what the church in Philadelphia is doing and creates that model, it is no longer the church in Sardis. It is the church of Philadelphia in Sardis. Each church is located in a specific place and must evolve a company of people to meet the needs of that particular community.

Some people are very creative and others very organizational. Some are initiators, other enablers. Some are pioneers, other settlers. Some are about creators and others are refiners. Some are introverts and others are extroverts. What makes these differences combine together and work effectively is relationship, values, and the fruit of the Spirit. It means that we create life examples in people, not models of church life. Models are not transferable; while values and principles are international, cross-cultural, interracial, and eternal.

Not everyone will have prophetic dreams about our future, but everyone can embrace our future and the vision that Jesus Christ is giving us through dreams and visions and prophetic guidance that comes from the Father through trusted leadership.

PEACE 2016